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Inspirations For The Fast
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21 ways to focus on God

1. PRAYER - What is the best time each day for you to connect with God?

2. READ THE BIBLE - Are you reading God’s Word?

3. GO TO CHURCH - Is church part of your weekly schedule?

4. SURRENDER - Have you given God every part of your life?

5. REST UP - How can you get more rest?

6. BE POSITIVE - Are your thoughts and words uplifting?

7. UNPLUG - What distractions are keeping you from more important things?

8. GET HEALTHY - What healthy habits can you add to your life?

9 BREAK ADDICTIONS - What steps can you take to overcome the addictions that are holding you back?

10. FORGIVE - Is there someone you need to forgive?

11. CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRIENDS - Are the people around you inspiring you to grow closer to God?

12. FIND YOUR IDENTIFY - Are you focusing on who God says you are?

13. FORGIVE YOURSELF - Are you still holding on to guilt and shame?

14. TRUST IN GOD - What have you been trying to handle on your own?

15. LIVE WITH PURPOSE - How can you be intentional in everything you do?

16. SHARE YOUR FAITH - How can you inspire people to live for Jesus?

17. GIVE - How can you be a blessing to others?

18. INVEST IN YOUR FAMILY - How can you build up your family?

19. MANAGE YOUR MONEY - How can you make smarter  financial decisions?

20. WORSHIP - Are you honoring God with your life?

21. EXPECT THE EXTRAORDINARY - Are you putting limits on what God can do?

The Source of all Good Things.

People are looking for happiness. They are searching for love. They are desperate for peace. But so often, we look in the wrong places. It's time for you to complete Jesus'command and make disciples.


Have you read your Word today and meditated on how to apply that Word to your life.

Psalm 4:1-8

1. The source of joy and peace

So often we seek joy and peace in the wrong places.
We are not promised a problem free life - the psalm starts with a cry, "Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me, relieve from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer" David is confident that God will hear his prayer. Do you believe that God will hear your prayer.
Here's  the bottom line, God alone is the source of our joy and peace. There is no greater joy and peace than being in the presence of God.

Matthew 4:23-5:20

2. The source of blessing and true happiness

According to Jesus, true happiness does not come from all the things that society suggests. It does not come from celebrity, beauty, wealth and possessions. It's not about how you feel. It's not about what you have or even about what you do. Blessings and true happiness come from our relationship with Jesus.

Genesis 9:18-11:9

3. The source of love and  unity

Love covers and protects. It does not seek to expose other people's weaknesses and faults. It does not delight in other's misfortunes.
Love and unity go hand in hand. The Tower of Babel is the symbol of disunity (Gen. 11:1-9). Any time we are doing our own thing and not following God's will for our life it brings disunity. If we have true love then we will have true unity, which comes from God.